Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life Day 2

back today sharing day 2 of my Week in the Life and I am still enjoying this process and really excited to look back on it a year from now. We had another fairly busy day on day 2 so we had lots of pictures taken ready to share. Of course when I went to take a picture of my spreads I have of course lost my memory card for my big camera, and the battery on my little one decided to die LOL so Right now I am working on day 2 spread while waiting to take pictures of day ones. 

Here is my main page as it is the digital that will be printed at the end of the week.

I chose this picture as my main picture as I wanted to capture Lucy right now, with her little bob in bunches looking as sweet as ever. right now she wants to grow her hair long again, so i wonder if next year we will see long hair in our WITL or will we see it all bobbed again. I know she loves it bobbed but she finds it easier for dancing while longer.

Here are my pages for day 2, sorry for the wait.

Again there are some bits added in from various Freckled Fawn kits.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the Life Day 1

WOW I am loving this project so much, though I have had to learn a new skill and boy it fried with my brain. I decided to buy the digital files to use for my main picture of the day and WOW I actually have no clue about how to use them. I did watch a really good tutorial that Ali Edwards sent me the link for but I still could not get it. Finally I asked over on the Studio calico boards and one of the amazing members there was able to help me out. She gave my instructions using bullet points and it is totally what I needed and I actually was able to do it, thanks so much Aagirlz you are amazing. Actually I just see she has made a video explaining so you may want to check that out HERE.

Here is my main picture for the spread, I am showing you this as a saved file as I will have these 6x8 pictures printed out after the week is over. I am planning on using Persnickety prints as they have a great turnaround, awesome quality and also a great flat rate shipping price to NZ. (seriously even with the shipping it is cheaper that having them done here in NZ)

I blanked the date out and I plan on using my date stamp to put the date in there.

The rest of the pictures were printed using my selphy 9010 every scrap Booker needs this printer, it is so easy to use and super handy. I used the new Project Life app to make my picture collages and I have to say I love this app, well worth the $3 or $4 it cost.

so here are the rest of my pages for today.

I decided to use this 2x2 page as a main page and LOVE how it turned out, though I do wish I had used the same ink on my 2014, I had inked them up though before deciding to use them as an actual title. The little week in the life badge may be one of my favourite parts of the kit, love it.

I used a lot of freckled fawn goodies in here too.

I have actually just completed day 4 but my camera died etc and I finally just pictured everything today, I will share a day each day over the next week.  I hope if you are doing it you are enjoying it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I just discovered 23 drafted posts in my blog, so I am thinking I will start sharing them LOL. I have no idea when I done this layout or what kit I used but I am thinking it is a couple years ago. I think it is from when I was first trying to use layers in my layouts though so yea probably 2 years ago now.

Today I made the intro page for my Week in the life album, I used bits from the kits and also some other little bits I got in the mail. I also put all the 3x8 cards in their pages and I am ready to go. I ended up buying the 6x8 digital overlays from Ali Edwards and what I will do is send to persnickety prints once the week is up and have all the 6x8 size printed. I am really excited about doing this project, though i have changed the week I am doing it in. I will start this Saturday as it is a holiday weekend here and we have a lot on.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crazy Cute

Sharing another recent layout today, this is one I made to document Lucy and her BFFs relationship, those girls adore one another and are inseparable and I just love to watch that friendship grow. They have been friends since they were both 2/3 at day care and are lucky enough to be in the same class at school together. I took this picture walking behind them to school one morning, I just laughed when I saw they were holding hands ha ha.

I really look forward to seeing them grow up together.

I have had a busy morning today starting with a yoga class, then heading to other side of town to drop a box of goodies off at the hospice after our garage clear out on Sunday. Then had an eye wax, then the garden center to buy a few Swan plants for miss Lucy to watch her butterflies grow. Then I went and treated myself to an electric sander to help when doing my furniture, it will sure make the job faster. 

My Week in the life kit arrived yesterday and I have to say it is lovely, the whole colour scheme is really me at the minute so it is just perfect. 

I have an hour to kill before heading to get Lucy and taking her to dance class, so I plan on getting the album and kit ready to prepare for next week. I just read this post by Ali Edwards and it was really helpful so I have the bug to get it started now. I plan on just putting the cards in the album and sorting out the page protectors in the order I plan to use them in, using the template on her blog.

I also just got in the mail today the September Oh Deer Me kit by Freckled Fawn and I definitely see bits of that going in the album for sure, mainly that book worm frame. 

Anyway I better go get started as it will be time for Lucy before I know it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Odd Shoes Fun

Sharing another recent layout today that I worked on using the May Citrus Twist kit and some Freckled Fawn embellishments, this layout was documenting a school tradition. Every year the kids are asked to wear odd shoes and hand in a gold coin donation, this goes to school fundraising or charity (can not remember which) and of course Miss Lucy always makes sure that I get my odd shoes on with her, and hey it is fun so why not??

This year we got our new converse out that we bought when in the USA, we have quite the family collection, but man they are a fraction of what we pay for them here in New Zealand, so why not stock up right!!

While I am here I will share last years layout, funny thing is when we were leaving Lucy said remember plasters mum in case you get blisters like last year. What a memory that girl has, last year was the first time wearing those shoes and man they hurt, bad heel blisters and lots of blood LOL.

I can not believe how similar those layouts are LOL and I only dug last years out when typing this post!!

Oh and while I am here I will share with you my new planner for 2015, it is from Websters Pages and DIVINE!!! I am really looking forward to Santa bringing me this :)

I have ordered the light teal, of course LOL.

I also ordered  another pack of dividers.

You can pre-order HERE and they shipping in December.

OK I have a house to clean, see you all later.