Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chalk Painting

So this is something I have been wanting to try out myself since became really trendy last year in the creative world, but have always been to scared to do it.  Fast forward to this year when I wanted new furniture for our kitchen, but really I should not as we have expensive and good quality furniture. ahhhhh. I just do not want the dark wood now, I want light and bright and white :) I have a high gloss white kitchen with a sparkly white stone bench top and I just think a nice white table would lift the space. Actually I would love a nice teal table but as those are our wall colour the table will be white. I do plan on doing the chairs teal or yellow though to break the all white up.

So after pricing Anna Sloan paint here in NZ I started looking around and found a local girl who upcycles furniture and she is pretty awesome!! anyway she makes her own chalk paint mix that I can just add to whatever paint I want. So off I went and bought the mix and also the wax but I have yet to try it out.

I have seen so many nice tutorials etc on Pinterest and really want to try them out, my issue is I am a perfectionist and I want it to turn out perfect, I do not want lots of brush strokes, and this has really scared me to actually do the job LOL.

So I contacted the person I bought the stuff from and asked if she would do a class, well she said yes and has organised it around my schedule, how nice is that.

How awesome does this class look?

Now I am not going to practice on my good furniture so I have bought a couple of cheap 2nd hand bits to have a try with so that if they get ruined then it is no loss.

Firstly Lucy wants this chair to be painted pink for her bedroom, it was a bargain at a local hospice for $6 

Next I found this in a local second hand shop for $12, it is disgusting and marked all over but great to practice with, and it was only $12, and if it does turn out nice I have the perfect spot in our bathroom for it.

While I am here I will share some of her own work, she is amazing and so talented, and I am very jealous of her studio.

I am really looking forward to this class and really excited to try out some chalk painting. I will share pictures of what I manage to get done later on in the month.

Pinterest style

Does anyone else love looking at Pinterest for hours on end? I am sure I am not alone here :)  I normally spend the time searching out house design ideas and scrap booking inspiration but today when I got on there it was fashion that grabbed me in. I thought I would share a few of the things that caught my eyes.

It was the top that grabbed me in, I love it and what a cute jacket too, also I am sure you can never go wrong with a nude heel, they are my most used heel in my collection.

I love this cute dress, it looks so easy to wear.

I love maxi skirts, I have a few of them now and find most days I live in them, so easy to wear and great for any occasion. I do not have this colour yet but I need to get it. 

I love this maxi skirt, totally cute for a night on the town.
(I have those nude pumps on the left LOVE!!!!)

I love this look so so so much, sadly the 2 pair of white jeans I have are done now, I really need to get a new pair for this coming summer.

I love this outfit, I tried a while back to get this top, but had no luck :( 

Lastly I love this cute outfit, I really love the look of the shorts with a white shirt.
I need to work on my legs though to look good in them LOL.

I will stop now as I really fancy doing some creating today, Lucy is playing with her friend in her bedroom so I have spare time :)

Oh and excuse my half done blog, it is in the midst of a make over right now, Still need to add blog title and a couple other things. I will share it better once it is complete :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lucy's bedroom ideas

So right now I have been trying to sort Lucy's bedroom out for her, she is at that age (8) where she is still a little girl but she is a grown up little girl if that makes sense. So I thought I would change her room out and make it a big girl room, a place where she wants to hang out in and just relax. I love Pinterest and use it a LOT for my design course so I thought I would share some of the things I saw and loved in little girl rooms.

I really wanted this quote in the room somewhere as Lucy sings this to me all of the time, it is our special song. I have always sung it to her, right from when she was born and I love that she sings it to me, or even leaves little notes around the house with this on it.

I could share pictures all day, but I do not want to bore you so these will do. I have done most of the room but have to hang curtains and a couple of final touches. I will share pictures as soon as I have it completed.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A weekend away

We had a beautiful family weekend away and I tell you it was just what I was needing. We stay at the base of Mount Taranaki and enjoy looking at the view daily, the mountain always looks different but my favourite look is when it is covered in snow. Right now it is and it is stunning, so very stunning.

 (view of the mountain from our drive)

Lucy has been asking to go build a snowman for months now, especially an Olaf, so daddy promised her a trip up the mountain as a late birthday getaway as he was offshore on her actual birthday. Off we went straight from school on Friday armed with print out faces of Olaf ready to build him, but of course the weather was not playing the game. The snow just was too hard and too little to build with but we still had heaps of fun.

I tell you what, it is FREEZING up the mountain, so so so very COLD but we took heaps of layers/thermals and made the 30 minute drive up to the mountain lodge. We checked in to our chalet first then headed further up the mountain to see how low the snow had came.

We then headed to the restaurant for our dinner and WOW it was so so good, and the wine was amazing and after our meal we sat by the cosy fire and just relaxed with each other, played games and read.

The staff there were really friendly, one even did Lucy's make up for her, I just love it when places are good to children and just embrace them.

First thing in the morning we headed up the mountain and went a good walk up it, all layered up and cosy. It was quite a hike up there but fun at the same time. Lucy kept stopping to play with the snow and daddy taught her how to make the best snow balls. We couldn't find any snow soft enough to make a snowman so we plan on going back to do that another day.

After we got back down we played Monopoly where Lucy of course kicked our asses as she usually does, I swear she is a Monopoly genius that girl. We also watched movies and just chilled.

Then we headed back to the restaurant for more yummy dinners and to relax by the fire.

What a fabulous weekend, I can not wait to do it again. It was so nice getting away but only driving 30 minutes to get there, yet you feel as if you not at home if that makes sense. I love getting to spend quality time with Gary and Lucy, we are so lucky to have each other, they sure make me happy.

Oh and while up the mountain a friend challenged me to do the ALS Ice bucket challenge so I got right on that, thermal and all :) I had taken this pink tub with us full of milk/wine/snacks etc so I used that, It was the only one though so I guess I got lucky with only one soaking. You can see the video HERE I tell you what it was freezing, but it made me laugh hard.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Having a break

Hey ladies, 

I am sure you have all noticed that I no longer post as much as I once used too? Life has really just gotten in the way and scrap booking is just not my priority right now. I am not sure if you all know but I am currently studying Interior Design and while it is a perfect fit for me, it is hard work, actually it is hard just trying to find the time to work on it. I have so much on in Lucy's school making and painting props for a school production, school trips, absentee phones, cross country help etc, I actually feel like a member of staff, though to be honest I LOVE it and I love being part of her school. Obviously scrap booking comes way down the list of to do, and while I miss it, I have so much other stuff going on that I have zero mojo and also it is becoming a chore as when I do it I am sitting thinking I should be studying etc. 

Another issue is I have been unwell for a couple months, I have always suffered from low iron and just now it is at an all time low, They have doubled my iron tablets and also gave me another pill for the next month to see how that goes. I have zero energy and I am just tired all the time, I have heart pains, and just over all feeling horrible, I just want to feel normal again LOL.

Anyway I will pop in and share news etc, and also when I do get time to work on our US album I will share it when I can.

Hugs to you all, thanks for being awesome followers.