Thursday, November 20, 2014

Everything is awesome

Sharing a layout I made a few weeks ago, this one was documenting a friends sons birthday, it was Lego themed and after everyone had their food etc, his dad got the bunk beds out from the girls room so that everyone could watch the Lego movie on a double Decker bed, just like in the movie. how AWESOME.

Layout made using the May kit from Citrus twist.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week in the Life day 5

Sharing another day from my Week in the life album this one is from the Wednesday. 

Here is my main picture for the day, me being soaked in a pair of flip flops, it was such a beautiful day and then it just turned crazy!!! thanks goodness I had this rain jacket in my boot as I got soaked.

Here are the rest of the pages that I made. Having not done PL for so long I forgot how hard it is to take pictures inside the pages, next album like this I will take them with the cards over the pockets.

To make this I used the Ali Edwards kit and also lots of freckled fawn goodies.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chicks at the flicks

Sharing today a layout using the Citrus Twist September kit, I really love this kit and managed to knock 5 layouts out yesterday, I love when I feel that inspired. I love that they include a sheet of sketches in the kit, I made this one using one of the sketches as a guideline. 

Excuse the dark picture strip but that is how it came out of the machine, but we had such a fun night I needed to document it. 

How cute is that little butterfly? I am loving it and have used every one that was in the pack already.

Will be back with another one tomorrow :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chalk painting the before and after

Yesterday I bought this old tea trolley from someone on Trade me, It is old, with a couple stains but I just loved it and have been looking for one. I wanted it for our entrance way as opposed to a side board and I think it is perfect.

Here is is in the picture of the auction.

Another pretty cool thing is that the house I got this from was built as a convent, and what a beautiful house it was, so big and spacious with lots of rooms. They have actually just sold it and moving away from the area. I think that is why I wanted something old,one  I enjoy transforming something old into something new but also I love that they have history and not just off the shelf.

I learned a lot painting this, I did the first coat white and it dried cream, so when on the 2nd coat it was doing the same thing I sent the lady whose class I went to a message. It turns out the wood was bleeding.

To stop this from happening I had to use a spray varnish or shellac, having neither of these to hand and being me, and wanting to get it finished I moved on to plan B. I had to paint it a darker colour, so I chose Aqua, i was going to do yellow, but my hand grabbed the aqua tub LOL.

I gave it 2 coats last night then sanded it this morning and gave it a clear coat, and I love it so much.

Excuse the floor, we are waiting on new light wood flooring , I am over polished concrete.

Also I just grabbed a few things I had to hand to dress it for the pictures, I plan on getting a vintage style phone for the top, and also a nice bowl for Gary to dump his stuff in when he gets home, at present he just leaves things everywhere, men!!!  

The only thing I do not like is the wheels, I did not want to paint them as if I wheel them it will peel off? though Gary reckons I just paint the sides of them even. Another option is to remove the wheels all together though so i will ask Gary to see if that is possible. 

Now to get my big fancy mirror up here and paint my vintage umbrella stand I bought last month that will sit next to this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BFF Love

Sharing another layout today, again using the May kit from Citrus twist along with a couple of cute things from Freckled Fawn. This layout came together so fast, probably about 20 minutes or so once I started laying things down, I really love when that happens. I really wanted to use both of these papers as a background but I am more of a plain background person , or I myself seem to love my plainer ones more perhaps. So instead of one fussy, I thought I would break it up and use both together LOL. To break up the yellows I added that bright aqua strip along the left hand side, and honestly for a fussy back ground I really love it.  To finish it off I just added some layers to the picture and there it was.

I just noticed the papers match Lucy's headboard LOL.

If you fancy seeing the state of my desk as I worked on my Week in the life album head over to the Freckled Fawn blog for a nosy, it is my turn for desk top Monday.

I had a busy day today, I picked up an old piece of furniture that I was planning on making white for my entrance way, anyway It is now aqua LOL. The wood was bleeding and turning the paint cream, I had no varnish at hand to seal the white so I went with a darker colour instead. 

Here is a sneak peak.

Tomorrow I will sand it down and wax it, I will take some good pictures and share before and after.

Have a nice Tuesday