Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life - 9th to 15th

So here i am finally sharing this here on my blog, i kept forgetting to upload it. This one came together very fast, i think an hour from start to finish which was nice.

I seem to do so much journaling huh!! I would love to do it more in the style of Lisa Trusdell or Marcy Penner but then i find myself sitting writing 19 to the dozen and before i know it i have wrote heaps, ah well this is obviously my style so i better go with it. Also i think this way Lucy will have so much to read about when she grows so i can not complain.

Left page
  • New job
  • Lucy's swimming
  • LA hotels booked
  • Movies
Right page

  • Lucy's made up word
  • At the park
  • Marriage
  • Barbies
  • Lucy and Dad


  1. Love it. I know mine will be heavy on the journalling but that is as important as the photos down the line. Love all the little individualized touches you have added to your journalling cards.

  2. oh please keep it up with the journaling. your PL is yours.. don't make it to be like others! I love that you're journaling a lot! i wanna be like YOU! heeeheee!!

  3. Journaling speaks a lot too! So just do whatever you like and it's looking great!!

  4. I love your PL! And I love all the journaling! Wait 5 yrs and when you go back and read it all, you will be glad you did

  5. Don't cut back the journalling! It's worth it!

  6. I love all of the handwritten journaling! I think it will be even that much more meaningful later...love that it came together so quickly for you...I need to finish up last week!

  7. i wish i could journal like that, i have such a hard time putting my thoughts to paper. pl is looking great !!


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