Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I do not know about everyone else but we had a quiet New Years Eve in our jammies.

We have honestly not stopped since school broke up, actually even before then. It has been one long couple of weeks with friends, both new and old and I have to say it has been AMAZING and I have loved every second of it, but I am ready to just relax now. Gary went off shore today at 6am so that was another reason we could not go out last night, but we were both happy with just chilling together after spending the afternoon with friends.

So what is your One Little Word for 2014? I have actually chosen my same OLW that I used in 2013 which was LIVE and live I did, We had an amazing 2013 as a family, we did a LOT of fun stuff, we travelled to 8 places/countries 6 of which were newly visited. We spent a lot of time building fabulous friendships. We have been in NZ for 5 years now as of this month and have just in the last few days applied for Citizenship and are VERY excited about that. 

So for 2014 I plan to do more of the same and LIVE life to the absolute fullest again, we already have 5 places/countries booked to travel too and maybe more later on in the year. We hope to get our NZ passports and just make even more strong connections with our friends. I also plan to keep up my walking and just stay healthy.

I thought I would come on and share my Top Ten of 2013 with you today.


  1. Great word. And how glad I am that you have chosen to do your living right next door. ;-)

  2. Loving the photos and love love love all the projects you have created this year! Can't wait to see what next year brings! Happy New Year!!

  3. So excited that you are looking forward to becoming a Kiwi! Some beautiful layouts here. Love the variety of sizes you are using.

  4. ohhhh!! NZ passports!! good luck! i hope you get them as soon as possible!

  5. Hi there, I popped over from Julie's blog and have to say I'm so glad. Your work is wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Happy New Year!


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