Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My baby is here :)

Well not a real baby but my camera baby LOL, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to finally be the proud owner of an actual DSLR camera WOOT WOOT. I have always had a love of pictures right from a tiny age, I think it had something to do with the fact that my dad turned our bathroom into a dark room while I was growing up, there were always beautiful pictures developing hanging from the shower curtain rail. When I got to high school I took photography for 2 years and learned myself how to develop pictures myself, back when it was cameras with film. I actually think this is why I ended up scrap booking, it just seemed like a natural extension to my love of taking pictures, and a way to document them rather that lying in a cupboard or on the computer.

So this year I asked Santa for a camera and YAY my wish was answered along with 2 tri-pods. 
Here she is :)

When choosing my camera Gary was at first going to by me the 60D but after being in a photography store I decided I did not want to go that heavy, so it was back to the drawing boards and after many reviews and much research I decided on a Canon 700D and I am just so excited to get to play with it. Though I have a LOT to learn first.

Thanks goodness for classes I tell you as I would have no clue!
The first class I am taking is this one from Maggie Holmes - Photography 101 the reason I chose this class is because I love everything Maggie does, her style is just amazing so I thought learning how she captured that would be amazing.

The next class I plan on doing is one I bought last year from Studio Calico hoping I would end up with a DSLR, I love that even though this class was a year ago I can still go in there and get some ideas.

Finally the next class I plan on taking is the free one over on the 2peas message board, it is 12 weeks of inspiration and tips etc and I am dying to have a good look through that too. Also their board has a lot of challenges etc to really help you get started.

So anyway that is me, I hope to share some good pictures with you soon :)


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