Monday, August 18, 2014

Having a break

Hey ladies, 

I am sure you have all noticed that I no longer post as much as I once used too? Life has really just gotten in the way and scrap booking is just not my priority right now. I am not sure if you all know but I am currently studying Interior Design and while it is a perfect fit for me, it is hard work, actually it is hard just trying to find the time to work on it. I have so much on in Lucy's school making and painting props for a school production, school trips, absentee phones, cross country help etc, I actually feel like a member of staff, though to be honest I LOVE it and I love being part of her school. Obviously scrap booking comes way down the list of to do, and while I miss it, I have so much other stuff going on that I have zero mojo and also it is becoming a chore as when I do it I am sitting thinking I should be studying etc. 

Another issue is I have been unwell for a couple months, I have always suffered from low iron and just now it is at an all time low, They have doubled my iron tablets and also gave me another pill for the next month to see how that goes. I have zero energy and I am just tired all the time, I have heart pains, and just over all feeling horrible, I just want to feel normal again LOL.

Anyway I will pop in and share news etc, and also when I do get time to work on our US album I will share it when I can.

Hugs to you all, thanks for being awesome followers.


  1. So sorry to hear you are unwell. You don't need to apologize about not blogging or scrap booking as it is something you should do for you and not other. You need time for yourself, your family and your studies. Take all the time you need. Sending you lots of love. Lilith

  2. Take care of yourself, Caz. I hope the change to your medication makes a difference. I have struggled to find my mojo this year. I have not scrapped since May when I did Layout A Day. I have gone back to work for two days a week as a volunteer and I am struggling to find time to do much as a result. I am glad you are enjoying the interior design course but any class like that seems to take up a huge amount of time.

  3. Take care of number one Caz.. Hope the rest will get you back to awesome health!!

  4. Oh do take care. It sounds like you are overloaded, even if lots of the work is stuff you love to do.


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