My name is Caroline, I discovered scrap booking in May 2009 while looking for a present for our first wedding anniversary  and I ended up giving my husband a scrapbook of our wedding which he loved. Once I tried scrap booking at my LSS I was hooked big time, what did I do before this amazing hobby, I just cannot imagine life without it. I love to scour the web for inspiration; there are so many talented ladies out there.

In my day to day life I am currently living in New Zealand, we moved here just over 5 years ago and just LOVE it, so much so we have became citizens and now have our Kiwi passports. I recently gave up work to become a stay at home mum and enjoy doing things with my daughter. I am just waiting to start study again, this time Design which I think is a great fit for me. The rest of the time I am hanging out with my beautiful 7yr old at her after school activities or you can find us both creating in our scrap room. I have been with my amazing husband for 15 years and every year just gets even more awesome, so glad to have a husband that is so understanding about my hobby and my spending on said hobby in fact he is so understanding that he built a new room onto our already huge house just for more space to work in. It is also him that convinced me to give up my day job and spend more time crafting ... keeper huh! . My husband works away for more than half the year but when he is home I love to do nothing more than just hang with him. We are blessed to have an amazing family.

My 5 top products I could not be without would be
  1.  Washi tape    
  2.  Flair badges 
  3.  Wood veneer
  4.  Enamel dots
  5.  Paper clips
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